if bugs in wine always spoil the wine?

In the practical sense, this allows for more storage space, but the horizontal placement is also necessary to upkeep the quality of the wine. The longer that wine is exposed to oxygen, the more it devolves, fading its fruity flavor and becoming stale. Bottles are best kept on their sides. One reason is because of the cork. If a bottle is stored vertically, the lack of contact with the wine will make the cork dry up, causing it to shrink and leave pockets for oxygen to enter.

A large room is not entirely necessary, since wine racks allow bottles to be compactly stacked. Most of these have two separately controlled compartments for red and white wines. White wines are more difficult to store since they require cool temperatures. Once you’ve stored the wine, avoid moving it or picking it up very often, as too much movement can cause it to spoil. If you’re unable to customize an entire room, opt for free standing refrigerated cases.

A contractor could be hired to build a personalized rack specific for your space, but there also multiple pre-made racks available for purchase from certain hardware stores or wine specialty shops. Keep your cellar dark with no direct sunlight, as ultraviolet light degrades organic compounds found in wine. Humidity should never be above 95% and is ideal at 75% because a little moisture in the air keeps the corks from drying out.

Beware of mold, though, as it grows fastest in dark, damp places like a wine cellar. The perfect conditions are easiest to attain in a room underground with thick stone walls, but if you’re transforming a space, make sure the walls are well insulated to slow any change of temperature. If your chosen room has heating vents in the floor or in one specific area, keep the bottles far away because quick changes in temperature cause spoiling. The temperature should remain consistent between 50 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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