Betting firms who target youngsters in adverts to face unlimited fines

A recent study also found that all but one of the Premier League clubs partner with betting firms in some way, as do 15 Championship sides. Such deals could be allowed to continue with MPs keen to protect the finances of less affluent clubs. The bill for Britain’s gambling epidemic is estimated at £1.16 billion a year. Yes, there are the tax revenues to consider, but there’s a huge cost to the state, too, in dealing with the fall-out of family breakdown and the crime and mental health issues associated with problem gambling.

The report added that sleeve deals are still permitted. According to a report in The Times, ministers have signalled that the white paper will not include shirt sponsorship restrictions if the voluntary agreement was reached. IAN HERBERT: Football must wash away the dirty money by… REVEALED: The Gambling Commission was WARNED Football Index… DANNY MURPHY: I needed therapy to escape depression.

Football pundit Paul Merson breaks down in tears on Good… The Government is currently reviewing gambling laws. If you loved this information and you wish to receive details concerning fun88เครดิตฟรี i implore you to visit the web site. Labour MP Carolyn Harris, chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on gambling harm, said the association with betting firms ‘gives football a bad name’. April 13 (Reuters) – Premier League clubs have collectively agreed to stop featuring gambling sponsorships on the front of soccer kits from the 2026-27 season, the English top-flight league said on Thursday.

“The announcement follows an extensive consultation involving the league, its clubs and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport as part of the Government’s ongoing review of current gambling legislation. The infiltration of live sport in this way, the cutesy games the betting companies offer, the ‘free play’ introductions to gambling aimed at getting people hooked, suggests the cynical exploitation of children. Yes, there are rules about showing gambling ads only after the watershed — but there are exceptions to those rules, such as live sporting fixtures.

A recent investigation by the Mail found that youngsters watching live football games are exposed to a flurry of gambling ads. Reformers want more but a lot of politicians are worried about the lower leagues. A source close to the review said: ‘We are pretty sure there is going to be an end to front-of-shirt advertising. Everybody is expecting that. The watchdog said the changes would make it quicker and easier to take action over breaches such as misleading promotions and bonus offers, as well as unreasonable restrictions on withdrawals of winnings.

HM Revenue and Customs imposes zero VAT on clothes for children aged under 14, but only if the chest measurement for shirts is below 41in for boys and 41.5in for girls. Under the code, children’s shirts and other merchandise are defined as those not subject to VAT. Shilton, who won a record 125 England caps, endured a 45-year addiction to gambling.