Remote ruralists & Back to the roots 

By Margaret Mihailova & Pleun Schenkels 

Endless stress and lack of reconnection is leading society towards a naturalistic lifestyle. They relocate to rural areas in order to find their peace. They rethink their lifestyle and search for new beginnings. They revalue by being connected with ‘self’ and their religions. Green paradise is coming. 


Remote Ruralist 

The people are dealing with stress due to overworking and feeling the pressure from different factors within stress society. They have the feeling like they are being lived. This makes them feel like they having no time left to do things that make them happy. They want to take action. They are not following the group anymore but ask themselves, what’s important for me?  The population wants to make space for themselves to search for those things again. A need to regain purpose.  Nature and spirituality can be used for this.  

Back to the roots

Disconnection from nature made people revalue their lifestyle within urban setting. An urge of relocation to rural areas appears when there is no more hope for a peaceful lifestyle in the city. In this scenario, rural communities form out of  desperate search for feeling of rebond and tranquility. And yet, people will be able to find it.