Harmony in poverty X Virtual wealth

By Malizia Beekman & Jasmine Al-Asawdeh 

The year 2034 is a crossroads full of opportunities and challenges; this is where the paths of our future are being shaped. We are going to explore the interaction between technological advances, economic divisions and human desire for connection and wealth.


The future

Imagine an innovative world where the poor have decided to leave their digital lives behind and become rich by connecting with nature. The gap between rich and poor has always been there but now it has become so huge some people can no longer afford to live in the system we created. Housing became too expensive and there were concerns about sustainability. “We feel no time pressure other than that of our inherent clock. Our people camp at night, sleeping in tents and garden beds. We sleep better at night, because our focus is not on technology and making money, but on surviving the day.”


In another world, technology has become the cornerstone of the community. It makes life a lot easier for most people now that so much is automated. It invades every aspect of the daily life. People have become increasingly focused on work. On the other hand, society has never been more wealthy. Money flows freely with almost everyone. A lot of people can enjoy a life of luxury with all its modern conveniences.

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