A blueprint for utopia and The high cost of comformity

By Valerie Huizen & Lotus de Wijs

Two worlds that predict extreme elements into two different directions, both with an austere view of life in it while the changes that are made should perhaps have a more positive result.

A blueprint for utopia?

My scenario describes a world that we already kind of know, one that has already existed once, but in a different way. If we were to go back to a life quite simpler than it is now, would that be better? Or would we actually just take a literal step back? Especially if this step is forced on us.

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The high cost of conformity

Society has chosen a totally different way of living. When we used to try and live sustainable and improve the environment, now no one cares about the planet or anyone else but themselves. This has created a very monotonous and narcissistic society, where conformity is the only thing that people seem to need.


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