Embrace the moment: There is only one world

By Alexander Jährling & Veronika Elze

We are one

The scenario We are one describes how 2034 will develop into a world in which both political decisions and private matters will have only one goal: to focus on protecting and respecting the environment. Individualism comes last as everyone pursues a common goal.



“In a sea of sameness, our shared commitment to sustainability shines brightly, uniting us in a powerful movement towards a better future for all.”


To summarize, scenario YOLO will present our world with an even greater challenge. Above all, companies that pursue a sustainable concept must consider and develop new ideas and strategies in order to restore people’s lost awareness of the environment. In YOLO, the focus is on individualism and people are preoccupied with themselves. As a result, sustainable action has been completely forgotten.

“In a society fixated on individualism, the echo of our collective apathy towards sustainability grows louder, drowning out the cries of a planet in desperate need of care and compassion.”


Video: cottonbro.com

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