A love story trough pen and paper


Welcome to 2034. Welcome to Amsterdam. Amsterdam, which has now shifted to the right and divided into two groups within society.

In the past ten years, two groups have formed within this right-wing political climate. Groups that we already recognized ten years ago but have strengthened over the years and now divide the city. One group lives by the motto, “Just act normal”. The other believes in the principle of ‘live and let live’. One grew up very narrow-mindedly. In an environment of prosperity and solidity, the surroundings are predominantly white with little room for inclusivity and diversity. The other grew up in a very open and inclusive environment. They came into contact with various backgrounds,
sexualities, and genders at an early age. The other started experimenting and exploring themselves end discovered a world beyond the rues of the right-wing. The one believed that there has to be more in life and got curious about different sexualities and genders. The one went to parties and met the other. The other inspired the one and showed the one that life and love does not fit into a box.

And so, a love affair through pen and paper began.

My Sun and Stars,

As I write these words, I’m struck by the passage of time – it’s been two years since our first letter. I counted the letters, and guess what? There are 108 of them! Can you believe it? If someone had told me a decade ago that I’d be pouring my heart onto paper every week, I would have laughed.

Yet here we are, using this old-fashioned way of reaching out to express my love and fill you in on the latest news from my exciting corner of Amsterdam. And speaking of excitement, I’ve got some awesome news: there’s a new spot called Lost Angels opening up next week. It promises to be a haven for our community – created by and for queer individuals. Witnessing our community come together to carve out spaces that reflect our true selves fills me with pride and joy. We’re not sitting and waiting for someone to make space for us. We’re out here making it happen, celebrating our identities.

Reflecting on the journey we’ve traveled together, I’m struck by how far we’ve come. From a handful of safe spaces in Amsterdam to over 50, we created a part of the city that embraces and uplifts us. The past decade has witnessed a complete shift towards right-wing politics, which has been challenging for parts of our society, including those of us who do not align with this ideology. We are individuals who do not conform to the mold created by them. Despite the challenges of changing politics, we’ve found strength in tough times, taking charge of our lives and writing our own stories. There’s still a long road ahead, but I’m so glad we’re taking matters into our own hands.

Each day, I long for the moment when you’ll join me on this side of the city, experiencing the boundless freedom and love that await us. And I hold onto hope that, one day, your parents will see beyond the confines of their own world, embracing the beauty and diversity that surround us.

You are my sun and stars, my constant source of light and love.

With all my heart,
Your moon of your life

Moon of my life,

I’m sitting here in my world where people believe that right is always right, and I long more than ever for your world filled with love and space for freedom and rebellion. Reading your letter, filled with love and excitement, fills me with hope for the future. Meeting you during these challenging times has been a gift, allowing us to blend our worlds and dreams.

Lately, it’s been a struggle. My dad is consumed by the latest technological innovations, lost in his own virtual reality world. It’s been days since I’ve seen him without his VR glasses on, let alone had a meaningful conversation about my feelings and desires to explore more of the world. I long for meaningful conversations with him, conversations about our feelings and desires, about exploring the world beyond the box we are living in.

It feels like the walls of our box are closing in as technology advances, widening the wealth gap while we should be using our resources to uplift others in society. My dad has been planning my life according to his desires, grooming me to take over his company one day. But that’s not the life I want. I yearn to live in a world like yours, where acceptance is the norm and everyone can embrace their true selves. There’s so much more to learn about life beyond the pursuit of wealth.

Your flashbacks got me thinking about the past too. Where did we mess up? How did we let it all slip away? A decade ago, Amsterdam thrived as a liberated and free-spirited city. But then things took a turn, and the right-wing gained ground. It’s wild how this political shift split the city into two distinct societies. We’ve always known people see the world differently, and that’s fine, but it’s sad to see people stop listening to each other and caring about diverse values. I still think that technological development played a huge part in this shift because living in your own virtual world makes it easier to only believe what you see and not see beyond your beliefs.
But in your words, I find comfort and understanding. You remind me that despite the differences, there’s beauty in our shared experiences and dreams. As we navigate this journey together, I’m filled with anticipation. Anticipation for the moments we’ll share, the dreams we’ll chase, and the love we’ll cultivate. Your presence brings me to life in ways I never imagined.

Moon of my love, I can’t wait to explore the depths of our love and our world together.
Your sun and stars.


My Sun and Stars,

It pains me deeply to hear your struggles with living in the box of your society. The thought of living in such a narrow-minded environment is truly heart-breaking, especially when I’m fortunate to live in a world that embraces diversity and individuality with open arms. Here, we uplift one another and cherish the beauty of each person’s unique beliefs. Our lives are lived freely, bound by love and support rather than judgment.

I recall a letter where you shared your dream of having more nature in your neighbourhood. It’s unbelievable how the government continues to build houses on every available square meter. I’m afraid it’s stating the obvious, but is there anything changing??

Anyways let me share with you the latest news from our rebellion in disguise. In recent years, as you know, we’ve taken bold steps to carve out spaces of acceptance and belonging. We’ve opened various queer venues, ensuring that our presence in the city can no longer be ignored. The right-wing politics can shut down our clubs, they can’t kill our spirits on the dance floor. Dancing has become our form of resilience, our way of reclaiming our freedom one step at a time. And we will continue to dance, to rebel, until Amsterdam is free once more.

My Sun and Stars, I long for the day when this rebellion reaches your corner of the city. I dream of you joining us on the dance floor, where together we can dance away the chains of societal domination and celebrate the beauty of our shared humanity.

You are my sun and stars, the twinkling symbols of love.

With all my heart,
Your moon of life


My Dearest Moon of my life,

Thank you immensely for your letter filled with hope. Your words inspire me to take bolder steps within the constraints of my world. It brings me joy to share with you the progress we’re making in bridging the gap between our societies. The thought of dancing together, shedding all judgments, fills me with warmth and longing.

I think you already see this coming, but no, nothing has changed about my ecological environment. I can only tell that it’s getting worse and worse every day. I just can’t believe my parents still travel by plane every month. Since it’s now super clear A decade ago, we started noticing the climate changes but now that it’s raining more than 300 days a year, shouldn’t we all pause and reconsider??

I’m so jealous of your rebellion. That’s something that could never happen in my society, but it doesn’t mean we’re stagnant. We experiment and explore, but we have to be careful about it. I’ve taken your advice and started opening up about my curiosity to others. Yes, sometimes the only response is judgment, but sometimes I see a glimmer of doubt. Your story of discovering your queerness inspired me, and I’m carrying on that inspiration.

We’ve started gathering safely at home, behind closed doors, and experimenting with makeup and clothing. We’re creating our own safe space. If we don’t feel comfortable, we just change our clothes. After all, we’re at home! Within these walls, we are free. We’re not ready to step outside these walls because to face this narrow minded side of society we need a huge confidence boost.
Each small step we take within our society’s confines brings us closer to breaking down its walls.

My dearest Moon of my life, I know that with time, I too will find the confidence to step into the light. With every little step and a wealth of courage, we’re dismantling the barriers of our society, one day at a time.

With all my love,
Your Sun and Stars