Psycho Success Vs Heels on Marble


What if toxic tech bros controlled the world? Or. What if the #metoo mentality fuels the next generation of She E O’S? 

In the year 2033 a capitalist culture of growth, money and competition have created the nextgeneration of toxic tech bros. Society is reliant on their technology that reaches into our finances, love lives and workplaces. They hold the power, the silent dictators. They are too big to fail.

Musk, Zuckerberg, and Bezos paved the way for these giants of industry. Hyper aggressive,coked up and on top of the world. They have their lawyers on speed dial because there are no consequences in the lives of the super elite. The 2033 tech bro is the next step in an evolution but now technology is even more integrated, and we find ourselves utterly reliant as they have slimed their way into markets and industries around the world.

But just as easily we could go down a different road.

What if the #metoo mentality fuels the next generation of She E O’S?It is undeniable that the tech leaders of tomorrow will have control, but who says they have to be men?

Women have been literally coded out of the narrative and they are ready to fight back. Justice is a powerful motivator and women in tech have been lining up the troops, ready to do battle. In many ways women are an untapped market in technology, but that is changing. More women than ever are playing video games, studying computer science, and joining the workforce. Women in tech will create their own opportunities and succeed off their own steam. They are cool, calm, collected in the face of their haters and quietly glide to the top. The clip clap of heels on marble, the calling card of the tech mogul.

Fashion is an inevitability of the next ten years and brands that hope to succeed must carefully consider the impact of not only technology, but the gender power dynamics within their companies, identities and even the technology they choose to represent their brand.

Together we have seen the future, but what road will we travel?