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Our daily lives are unconsciously being monitored by cameras with the potential to be controlled by them. In the age of increasing surveillance our futures can be based on the data collected. A sense of safety gets a different meaning under society. For our scenarios we looked at what would happen when “safety” from surveillance cameras it is virtual world focussed and when it is physical world focussed.

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[ Safety & Virtuality ]

In this scenario, cameras shape your entire identity. The data-driven life let society develop a fear of status. While the grading system likely motivates people to work, and encourages conscious consumption and behavior, people are also disengaged from each other. A new social “safe” space is found in the virtual world

“What if cameras shape our identities?”

System update 2033

[ Safety & Reality ]

In this scenario, society wants to stay in the surveillance reality, where the crimes rates go down and even the loss of privacy a comfortable reality is created. this way camera’s can be used for infrastructure and create smaller optimal working communities.

“what if cameras are used to organize our lives?”