Me, myself and my imaginairy friend. The greenery growers. Self-aware we all care. 


As a brand you have to go with a direction just like the current of the sea. They steer you into changes of the future. When everything changes, change with it. Dream, dare and take on this challenge. You cannot make assumptions about what you want a brand to look like. Think about these questions that offer a new perspective on our reality for the world ahead 2033: What if people join hands and move away from advanced technology? What if smart technology helps people understand each other better? And what if AI assists us to live separately?


We hope to have inspired you through these three scenarios of what the world will look like in 2033. As a team, we wrote three pieces of advice for the brand Beasties on how the brand can stay relevant. We have written out the scenarios in the future magazine we would like to invite you to read them as well, you can find the future magazine at the bottom of this page.


Me, myself and my imaginairy friend.

                                                                                                       A friendly activist is what this world embraces, througt to translate a message in a light-hearted way into residents of the city, a major change is taking place. Residents are becoming more aware of their choices more sustainable and responsible. Thanks to the emergence of conscious technology, this form of AI is crucial to everyday life in this scenario. This allows Beasties to take advantage of this emerging opportunity as a way to show their best side. An impediment to success resulting from the brand research are the means of communication, the number and the content of the campaigns and displaying the design process yet is fully utilized. In this scenario, a strong plan is needed, because there is a big competition in the genre of sustainable and responsible brands. They will make sure every individual themselves can develop into their unique personality and because of this they feel special. Beasties will not be knocked out of this competition. This means that as a brand you have to make a personal connection search with the target group. For example, through more interactions and apply personalization. Because self love and self development is of paramount importance, it is important to keep this in mind to keep. The national government supports companies that use conscious AI use this money for improved health of the inhabitants so also for the flora and fauna. Beasties could join hands strike with the national government, so that they have more budget for campaign creation and brand awareness. This allows you to make a personal connection with the target group. 

  The greenery growers.

The desire to live close to nature and ecological footprint is getting bigger and bigger. There is also an increase visible in communal living indoors communities through, for example, agricultural communes. Because people will live more in these types of agricultural communes is there an increase visible in the local cultivation of raw materials. Beasties responds to the target group through unisex loungewear, they do this to keep the return and production costs as low as possible to keep. In this world, consumers are less concerned with trends and fashion, because there are fewer outside stimuli due to the Tech doom. Beasties can see opportunities here to do more locally to tackle social issues topics such as the mental health of young people, for example. When Beasties start working more locally, and socially local topics are discussed, more happens in familiar surroundings and a personal bond is created as a large collective. This will allow the target group to move more within the brand, with the result that a movement is created which is visible to everyone. I see opportunity for Beasties in this one world through their activist point of view and because they deliver back to society. This view remains very relevant within this world because it is precisely about giving back to the community.

Because people will live more in these types of agricultural communes is there an increase visible in the local cultivation of raw materials. 


  Self-aware we all care. 

Highly developed technology will therefore play a greater role in society. This technology responds to needs and encourages us to interact more actively and consciously with each other. As a result, there will be an increase in solidarity, on an individual and collective level. Because this is the case, the core of Beasties remains relevant. It remains interesting to respond to consumerism by offering a product. This will increase the chance that people incite each other and advise to participate. Bringing an important message in a comical way, a nice way to address a target group. However, I think this would not necessarily be necessary. We will have more time to actively and collectively make choices. This allows the message to be more hidden. When you make this choice, more people will be able to identify with the brand, this also applies to a unisex product. I recommend getting started locally. Think of flora and fauna that are in a critical condition in the Netherlands. As a result, you involve the consumer more in a local product and you create the feeling of collectiveness. Due to the increase in technology, I see an opportunity to convey the message in a different way. Do not think of a logo anymore, but, for example, of the material or the processing.

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