Knowledge is Power & What a Bubbly World


There is a lot going on in the world right now, which can be quite overwhelming sometimes. Brands should take a peek into the future, so that they can be prepared for possible future developments and create a fitting strategy. Imagine two very different future worlds; what will they look like?

Information is everywhere today. Unlimited, fast and easily accessible because of technology. If it keeps growing like this, the impact of this phenomenon will increase. Besides that, our political landscape is ever-changing. New leaders with different beliefs arise and fall again. Information access and political stability are two different, yet extremely influential topics with a high uncertainty and big impact on what society will look like in the future. 


Knowledge is Power

As a result of political instability and full information access, the world will change into an information overloaded and power-seeking place. A world where you’re constantly being tracked and watched, all information out in the open. A highly individualistic society, where everyone wants to have their say.

What if all personal information is available for everyone in a disrupted society?

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What a Bubbly World

Imagine a world where there’s limited information access and political stability. These developments will change the way people interact with each other. Rules regarding technology access forces people to focus on their local communities. Their world will become smaller and they will become more self sufficient. There’ll be more focus on mental health and buying from local businesses.


What if everyone lives in their own bubble and focuses on their local community only?


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