I am who I am, but not if it costs to much & traditionally restricted


What would happen to our world if there is no discrimination in The Netherlands? And how would the opposite scenario of that world look like – societal values are based on a traditional way of thinking. 

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Scenario planning can be extremely helpful for a brand in finding solutions to future problems. Through research, it’s possible to make educated predictions on how the world may look and what opportunities or threats that scenario might bring with it. This way brands can already find solutions to these future problems and make plans on how they might need to adapt.

In our scenarios, we look ahead to the year 2033 and try to imagine what that would look like. We focused on economic development and societal values as our key drivers. After we discovered what opportunities and threats come with our scenarios we offered conclusions.

We wanted the scenarios to be completely opposite to each other, with the aim of being as broad as possible. One scenario will explain what it is to live in economic shrinkage but also be progressive as a society. The other scenario will show you how it is to live in a world where society is conservative but living in economic growth.

We hope that these scenarios can be useful tools for Feraggio and that our conclusions aid the brand in the future. We feel confident that our solutions can be of great benefit to the brand.

In what world would you like to live in?



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