Collective Security or Individual Freedom


Productivity is an important value in our fast-paced society. Individual intuition stands against a collectively presented rhythm. Do we feed a system or our own pleasures? 


What if…?

What if the collective desires uniform routines and security to create a predictable living environment?
What if every individual listens to their intuition?

We developed two scenarios that explore worlds, in which those questions are answered. 


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Productivity and efficiency are important values in our constantly hurrying society. We drift away from the here and now and disconnect from ourselves and the environment. 

Teetering Between

The duality between finding individual identity and fitting into society causes two opposite tendencies: We are teetering on the brick between a uniform, time-driven and an individualist, event-driven society.

To keep up with new, collective norms, we follow a fast pace of life. Time is money.



We drift away from the here and now and disconnect from ourselves and the environment. 


On the other side, being driven by our intuition would slow down our pace. We would become human beings again after having developed into human doings. But strong emotional motivations could also cause extremist polarisations in an individual world.



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