In a world where sustainability is a given rather than a demand, we are constantly facing new challenges.

In doing so, we must hope that everyone gets on board and together we can make the world a better place. It starts with yourself, but together we make a difference.

In creating and conceiving future scenarios, you take several aspects into account. You don’t start from the plausible, but rather from other sides. As drivers, we have chosen sustainability and individuality. Here, we also look at the non-sustainable and collective sides. 

By taking these two drivers, we get very different and even contradictory scenarios that can give us a very comprehensive picture of the world of 2033. 

With the scenarios that we’ve made we have a good green world, and a darker world where sustainability isn’t key. 

Where would you like to live in?


In a world where the individual is rewarded for sustainable living, we see many new values.