Treasure Blocks

By Perla dos Santos 

This innovation proposal is about a new product concept for Beasties that helps them stay relevant in the future. In this proposal, I will explain all the topics that are important to understanding the product choice and content. Attached to this are a suitable business model and a prototype. The year in which this product should be ready to hit the market is 2033.

The smart chair

Remaking is the way to go. The product is a study chair remade from e-waste and fishing nets that have been fished out of the ocean by the Ocean Cleanup. The chair has a fold-out laptop stand, so it will be the perfect height for the user. The chair stays smart and sends an affirmation. If you need a break, it lets you know. And if you’re too lazy, it will not be afraid to tell you. So that you can be both productive and (un)comfortable at the same time. The chair also transmits sounds of the sea, such as water and air. Which can have a healing power for the soul and mind. But when is the chair sending affirmation? The chair has a camera that will look around and sense when you are out of balance through emotion recognition and body detection. It collects the data, and can learn how you really feel.

” Rebuilding waste where we can sea it ”

There are three tails available: whale, sealion, and swordfish. This is the connection between Beasties and marine life. The standard colors are: dark green, ocean blue, and electric purple. The design is ergonomically built so that your back is straight and your legs do not cross. There is also a neck support, which is better for your posture.


” One person’s trash is another person’s treasure ” 


Dzung Yoko ( Photography Thumbnail )