Otriomf by Otrium is an online platform, that acts as an exchange system and a smart closet.


The future is uncertain, which is why I looked at the possible options that Otrium could apply within the fashion industry for the year 2033. With this book I want to introduce my concept for the brand Otrium.

We think interaction is important. By having conversations and sharing stories, we make sure that we come closer together and can learn from each other. This is how we try to be caring and appreciate each other. Now imagine a world where products also have feelings. Would you be curious if they told you, their story? What they have been through, where they have been, and how they want to be treated. Would you still throw them away?

Shopping by trading, let your products tell their story and make new memories.

In a world where technology plays a major role, there is a new way to give clothing a voice. Otriomf, is created by Otrium and is an online platform for every future device. The platform acts as an exchange system and a smart closet. Otroimf is a tool that is designed to make it easier for customers to swap products, let their products tell their story and make new memories by using data from the chips. Users can offer and search for products that they want to give away or trade. All they have to do is register their items on the platform of Otrium with an account.

The Innovation Strategie

In order to maintain a leading and even stronger position in the future as an outlet store, Otrium expand their service and platform. The online trade system will redefine what is means to take responsibility for a better future in a personal and conscious way. Consumers will be a part of each other journey and stories about their item. This new exchange movement let them interact and work together to make the economy circular and spreading knowledge about sustainable. Otrium’s core values should and can stay the same in order to maintain a leading position in the future.

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