The Pair-Up Project

By Melanie van Berkel 

Do you remember the story of the ugly duckling?

The story of a duckling who is bullied because all the other ducks perceive him as ugly. At the end of the story, he comes across a flock of swans, and realizes that he too has become a beautiful swan.

Innovation proposal

This innovation proposal is focused on the takeaways from the old fairy tale. It focuses on how, as an outcast, finding your own tribe can help you develop into the person you want to be. A journey of transformation, acceptance and finding kindred spirits. 

But how do you find new connections in offline connection-based society? A future society where the way people interact with each other has drastically changed. Whereas, earlier the unique ugly ducklings used the internet to connect with kindred spirits, nowadays they are forced to connect with people living close to them. But what if you don’t feel at home in your local community?

Feraggio’s ‘Pair-Up Project’ provides an adventurous, yet safe experience to build new connections. The ‘Pair-up Project’ is not only a shoe collection, consisting of mismatched heels, it also helps customers to connect with each other. They already share the same exquisite taste in heels, so why not explore a potential friendship?

What if you don’t feel at home in your local community?