The future of heels

By Nina Lippelt

In a world that is increasingly digitized and experimenting with smart and new technology, there Is no longer a place for just physical products. Currently, Feraggio only sells heels and accessories. In 2033 they will have to stay relevant by having to keep up with the technology and trends of the time in an innovative and moving way. How can the brand stay relevant but still retain the fun and magic of the physical product? 

Find your balance 

The concept is about balancing opposites by connecting them. We live in a moving world where everything is increasingly digitised. Digital and physical are opposites that need to find a way to reinforce each other. 


Target group 

Feraggio focuses on women who need balance and functionality in their lives. They are looking for comfort when it comes to shoes. Wearing heels is outside their comfort zone because they cannot find the balance to walk in these shoes. Literally. 


Feraggio wants to challenge this group of people to expand their comfort zone by being open to a familiar product or service in combination with a whole new experience. And, of course, finding a balance in this. 


Feraggio aims to innovate more physical products with new digital technology in the future. #thefutureofheels 


The CTRL ME shoe

Also known as the future of heels is an interactive and flexible shoe that takes balance and physical comfort seriously. On the inside of the shoe, there is a transformable sole that can be changed into an indoor and outdoor sole. With these opposites combined into 1 product, The sole can transform because the soles are attached to each other and automatically move through the shoe. 

The indoor sole

Switch this sole on when you are indoors, this is a special anti-slip sole made out of noise-reducing rubber. 

The outdoor sole

Switch this sole on when you are outdoors, a sole made out of flexible rubber inspired by sneakers and mountaineering boots. 



The CTRL ME bracelet

allows you to transform the shoe to your level of comfort. The bracelet will be worn on your wrist, an accessible and reachable place on your body to control the CTRL ME shoe. Switch the rotating edge in the middle to activate the indoor or outdoor sole. 


Innovation proposal