The Beasties Belly Bind

By Fleur Menting

Every second, 4 babies are born worldwide. These new mothers need just as much attention as newborns, because they too have just been born as well. The transition into motherhood can bring drastic changes into your life, everything is attuned to the rhythm and well-being of the newborn child. Your own identity, needs, and desires then often put you in second place or seem secondary. There is increasing social pressure on mothers-to-be, leading to less reliance on your own maternal instincts. In this innovation proposal you will be taken through how Beasties can give mothers-to-be a warm welcome into motherhood.

A warm welcome into motherhood

Inspired by the closing cloth used by Dutch women and the pouch of a kangaroo, and what new mothers-to-be can learn from this; The Beasties Belly Bind allows for a second pair of hands holding you in to support, to give you the freedom to move however you want to, as a mother and so much more. The belly bind is tied using the Bengkung knot technique, which provides not only physical but also mental support to the mother. 

The product is devided in three elements

– The ‘Welcome mom’ ritual that takes places before wearing the belly bind; The ritual’s function here is to accompany these important phases and change.

– The belly bind itself

– The after use phase because you can also bind the belly bind as a baby carrier or wrapping cloth for the baby. So that the memories of the product live on.


Because the first 40 days of postpartrum shapes the next 40 years.