Otrium Reshape

By Babette Veringa

We created this concept for the need for circularity that was not yet present at Otrium itself.

Besides dead stock there is also a huge amount of textile waste. And we don’t do much with that at the moment. Because this is a problem we want to tackle, we came up with Otrium Reshape. From textile waste we make Home textile collections for the target group Label Lovers.

We make something unique for the target group and in the process we also clean up textile waste bit by bit.

Circular Economy for Otrium Reshape

In The Netherlands only we have 255 million kilos of textile waste every year. This is a huge problem and will only increase. For Otrium Reshape we thought of a solution. For the brands we carry on our Otrium platform we manage their dead stock, but while producing it’s impossible to avoid textile waste. You can’t produce without having any waste.

Making home textiles out of textile waste. 


We buy te textile waste from the brands and make something new out of it. Hereby we become a circular company. This is because we want to make items made only of 100% textile waste.

By only using textile waste Otrium Reshape creates something unique and circular. The concept of making home textile out of textile waste involves repurposing discarded or unused textiles, such as clothing, fabric scraps, or industrial textile waste, and transforming them into new home textiles like curtains, rugs, cushions, and bedding. This process can be done through a variety

of methods, such as cutting and stitching, felting, or weaving.

The Brands

How does it work?

Otrium Reshape has a contract with the brands. They specify what they want in the upcoming collection and the brand then designs the collection. We put the design process with the brand because each brand has certain specifications for example with the use of the logo and the stitching.

This really keeps the item part of the brand itself. However, it is an Otrium Reshape item because it is made from bought-up textile waste.
This makes each collection a direct collaboration.

The target group Label Lovers want to have branded pieces, we make that possible by Otrium Reshape by making unique branded home textiles.