The Fairytale of Otrium Halo

By Luka Binta Tapken

It is your Fairytale to create…

The Prologue

It is the year 2033, an ordinary day just like it was yesterday and the day before. Your turn to the left walk down Haarlemmerstraat and into your little street where your apartment lies. It is a rainy day, you think about this weird red thing you saw yesterday, and wonder what that was.

And there it is, still, the hovering bright red O. It looks like a halo, guarding the little gates on the ground, that invite you to wonder what new worlds could possibly be lying beneath. ‚Am I in Alice in Wonderland‘, you ask yourself. 

You walk closer… and closer. Very slowly, carefully. Curiously you stretch your hand out and you touch the hovering hologram of the O.


You come closer to the gate in the ground, prepare yourself for the drop. And… step!


Disappointed you take a few steps back.

Your device rings, it is your friend, still caught in the ban of the big red O you don’t answer their call. But… what is this? You hold your phone back up. ‚Wow, this is magic!‘ you whisper. Suddenly through the camera on your screen, letters appear in front of you.

Otrium Halo‘.



Is this what being in love feels like?

The Epilogue

As you walk down the sunlit streets of Amsterdam an exhilerated feeling overwhelmes your body. You are wearing your recently upcycled jeans, an embroidered sun sitting on your left knee. You can‘t wait to show it off in front of your friends. What had you been so scared of all these years? Fixing these jeans was a challenge but now that you have done it and it turned our great, you can‘t wait to fix other loved garments. The trip to London in a few days will be amazing, I will make so many amazing memories, and my loved pair of jeans will be part of all of them! Is this what being in loves feels like?


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