Instinctive Science

By Johanna Schneider

Instinctive Science is the collaboration between human and nature, between logic and curiosity, and between science and emotion.

Instinctive Science

The concept Instinctive Science allows a world, full of monotonous predictions and control, to reconnect with their instincts. In this world, biomaterials promise a future in which creativity and security go hand in hand. To create materials from natural elements, humans need to cooperate with nature. Biomaterials demand knowledge about science. Simultaneously, they demand a curious and creative approach.

I am inspired by alchemy and all things continuous, uninterrupted, and effortlessly fused into wholes.

-Neri Oxman

Concept Book:

Immersive Database

The hierarchies between between science and creativity dissolve, between logic and emotion, dissolve.

The Immersive Database offers to experience data with all senses. It activates cognitive and emotional minds and unites those. Biomaterials are the result of the collaboration between humans & nature, and creativity & science. They demand the visitor to be curious: touch, smell, look and feel.
Simultaneously, the database drives material research: To create a future in which we can grow textiles more locally than ever: in Amsterdam.

In 2033, our world will be logical, rational, and driven by calculations. The concept Instinctive Science brings back human curiosity and emotion while maintaining a rational base.


The Brand: New Optimist

New Optimist is a locally operating brand from Amsterdam. In 2033, they introduce the Immersive Database, inspired by the concept Instinctive Science. Being a collection of biomaterials, the database drives scientific material innovation while equally showcasing emotional data. The biased perspective on the dominant role of logic is changed and people start to reconnect to their natural, emotional instincts. In 2033, New Optimist can operate hyper locally, in Amsterdam: Materials, produced in a lab can make the industry more sustainable and more local than ever.