FE GO. feel good, do good

By Zoï Huizing

Always on the go and always ready for the next hustle. But what if you need guidance? FE GO is giving you the emotional support in a form of a bag. Your emotional bagage support that can change into a jacket to balance your weight on both shoulders trough your daily life. The new concept for New Optimist in 2033.  


The daily stimuli and stress that we experience only increases. After COVID-19, people have be- come more aware of our mental health and this awareness will  increase in the future.

The myopic view of emotional health is becoming more understood and more studies are emerging the prove that emotional health is just as important as a person’s physical health.

In the future, people will learn to understand their emotions more and embrace what they need: a healthy balance of both physical and emotional health. Let’s activate our emotional needs and take control of our lives.

To have a positive impact on the world, starts with yourself.


The why

People have a desire to be more in tune with their emotions. That would lead to a society that needs guidance to understand what and who they are. This has its effects in the fashion industry, where the offer is no long just products, but an experience for emotional individuals seeking for happiness with in themselves.






Commitment is very personal, to be committed toward yourself and the subject you're learning. Life brings you the lessons, but you have to be eager to learn and be open for every opportunity.