Guiding Eyes


In a time where your every step is saved in a database from surveillance cameras, The footage could also be used to experince garments before purchase.

Starting with making sustainable decisions, to not lose our future world, we can look at the improvements in the fashion industry. The first step is to help the customer to not be fooled or convinced by others to buy a garment that will end up being worn only once, the items has then become an over consumption. Matching customers to garments by detecting their emotions to the item. Giving people the opportunity to experience the garment before purchase, is one solution to this problem. This can be done through an hologram experience.

How Does it Work

The customer tries on an item and in the fitting room gets the choice to step in the hologram space. If they choose to do so they will be shown the journey of their garment, from where the fabric is form to who made their garment to customising the garment while trying it on, all while it feels as if you’re there with it. In these moments emotions will be reviewed, and the customer will recieve the advice if this garment will be a match or not.




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