Feel the Heal


Imagine living in 2033. No one knows what that will look like or how the world will change in the coming ten years. For a brand like FERAGGIO, it is important to go with the flow and to respond to these changes. 

FEEL THE HEAL is all about personal healing and finding inner balance. You will enter the world of spirituality & chakras, mindfulness, and alternative medicine techniques. 

Take a deep breath and take it all in.



FERAGGIO is a Dutch based luxury brand, created by women for women, that mainly focuses on selling high heels. They sell classy, timeless and elegant heels in lots of different colors, materials, and models. Besides heels, FERAGGIO also sells accessories like shoe clips and care kits. Comfort is the main focus and USP of the brand. Their medical memory foam ensures that women can finally stand and walk on high heels for a longer period of time. FERAGGIO wants their customers to feel comfortable inside- and out. The focus of the brand is all about innovation, craftsmanship and design, in order to deliver the best products of high quality.

The Concept

The concept is about being able to adjust and stimulate your senses and experiences (through footwear.) This comes from the need for mental & physical comfort and touch. The concept mainly focuses on connection, wellbeing and comfort.

Target Group

With this concept, FERAGGIO will focus on the Mindful Businesswoman that wants to live a physically & mentally healthier life and find inner balance again.