In a society where changes in the relationships between producers, products, civilians, and governments result in rapidly shifting paradigms, I offer you a uniquely fresh perspective on how the future could look like.

During the Brands & Innovation specialisation I explored changes happening in society that I think will be of great impact. With theses changes in mind, I developed future scenarios that envision what impact these changes will have on our futures. And now, I will provide you with an Innovation Proposal that offers insight, inspiration, and guidance for a brand that wants to explore how these changes might affect their future.

The Change

In a society where the tech bro reigns supreme, we are facing an extreme scarcity of fine metal. Due to a constant need for new innovative tech gadgets that control people’s daily lives, companies started mass producing their metal devices. Therefore, the jewellery industry has been shaken up as a consequence of losing their resources. For this reason, I suggest that Otrium introduces its newest venture, CARAT House

CARAT House is a first-class collaborative partnership for the arts of fine metal. By using deadstock metal from large manufactures and collaborating with jewellery businesses, we will reinstate the philosophy that metal is an artistic and revolutionary extension of one’s wealth and status