Zo Gepiept

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The past few months students of the AMFI specialization Brands & Innovation looked into the future of 2031 to reconsider current systems.

Questioning, deconstructing, analyzing, and learning progressively will eventually put pressure on the old rules. This opens up the possibility of discovery.

What does the brand Zeeman need to do to stay relevant? A new generation rises and has different opinions, interests and concerns. How does Zeeman target this new generation? What does Zeeman need to do to fulfil their expectations?


In a world of screen saturation, 24/7 expectations and always-on technologies, the decade ahead will see people not so much turn technology off, but to turn on apps and solutions to make life function more efficiently and enhance their creativity.

This new Zeeman App will offer all the tools to prolong the life cycle of a garment, whereby you immediately participate in reducing waste. With easy and fun crash courses you get the possibility to reuse, reduce and recycle garments

Zeeman launches the app “Zo Gepiept” and the FIX (k)it.

Needle, thread, yarns and buttons, everything you need to get creative is to be found in the kit.

All the material in the kit is gained from the deadstock (non sold items) of Zeeman. With innovative techniques within the industry, it is now possible to get the deadstock back in the market, only in a different form and function. Textiles are converted into high-quality yarn 4 and pieces of fabric are recut and distributed.

Buttons and zippers are removed from clothing to be reused and other metals are melted down into new tools.

Being kind for our planet should not be difficult. More than ever, there is a growing need for durable solutions; accessible and affordable for everyone. Zeeman launches the concept “Zo Gepiept” to make the durable choice, the easiest choice to make.

Zo Gepiept offers all the tools to get that depreciated garment back in your closet.

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