We are tired


The creative industry is strangling it’s employees, and we have been silently watching. From working insane hours, to personal attacks and a burnout before your 22nd - there’s a mental health problem rooted deeply in this industry, that nobody knows how to solve.

Ophelia, 26

“During the final year of my studies I worked as a freelancer and  took on a job to organise a festival. This was, of course, way too  much. I got diagnosed with anxiety and panick attacks shortly after. I think in this industry we all just want so much, there is so much to achieve - it’s never enough, and it’s almost impossible to stop yourself.

Linn, 24

“I worked a minimum of 10 hours a day for my internship at an accessory brand - until I couldn’t. Everything was too much, I developed physical as well as mental problems, it made me question, why did I want this so much to begin with?”

Dylan, 22

“Working for a sportswear brand, I worked from the second I woke up, to the moment I went to bed. They expected me to. Weekends, evenings and holidays were part of the deal, and days without lunch were more of a rule than an exception. This industry is always on, and so was I. Until I couldn’t do it anymore - the brand I had given my everything for ended my contract because of a burnout.“

Megan, 22

“When I started my internship at a fashion brand, the PR manager’s contract got terminated. They didn’t hire a new one. Instead, they had me take on her full-time job. Appreciation? Never. When the marketing team had Friday afternoon drinks in the garden, I was in the office working until 8. When someone called upstairs, I thought they were finally checking up on me. Turned out they needed ice from upstairs, for their oysters in the garden.”


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