The Ritual of Now 

To all the dreamers,

We are defined by the things we love. So chase your dreams, go after them until you’re out of breath, and then - keep running. As long as you’re not running from yourself. If you’re doing so, what’s your destination? You’ll spend your life standing on an island of opportunities, looking at another land. But, there is no other land, there is no other life than this. And so your goal is to live it, not just be alive. To all the dreamers, don’t forget to live.

The Ritual of Now will guide you towards living in the the now. It inspires you to grow and move forward, by taking a brief step back into the present moment.

The prototype

The Ritual of Now will be launched with a bracelet. An everyday jewel with Smart Crystals. Each morning starts mindful by deciding what you need that day, and adding crystals to your bracelet based on your needs. When the Smart Crystals detect physical signs of stress, the bracelet vibrates to remind you to be mindful and present. Simultaneously, a notification with an inspiring affirmation - linked to your crystals of choice - is sent to your digital devices. When you accept the reminder with one click on your digital device, the session begins. A guided meditation will start, which can be as short as 1 minute. Being connected to your headphones, sessions can be done at any time, and any place.

The App

In the new ‘The Ritual of Now’ section in the Rituals app, you can adjust all settings to your needs. How long your sessions should be, what you want to get from it, and so on. Here you can also track your stress levels, and see when stress often occurs to properly tackle it. You can also elaborate by reading inspiring affirmations that fit your needs at that moment, as well as meditation sessions and recommended Rituals products.

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