The Ritual of Chá

︎︎︎Elisa Stroboer / WELLNESS
What are your first associations when you think about meditation?

You probably think about sitting in a cross legged position, hands on your knees, your eyes closed, all while you sit in silence and follow the breath. But what if we told you that meditation does not have to look like this? What if you can have a moment of reflection while simply doing an ordinary thing?


When was the last time you actually have drunk your tea with intention? Not behind your laptop, not when you were on the go. Simply you sitting down, taking a sip and observing your thoughts.

The Ritual of Chá is here to bring back that intention. Inspired by Chinese tea meditations, this ritual redefines the definition of meditation. By bringing our awareness to the small moments in life, like drinking tea, Rituals believes that everyday routines can be transformed into meaningful rituals. Through EEG technology, the mood sensing tea cup is able to translate the mental state of being. It is through this moment of reflection, one that is both spiritual and scientific, that we can become more mindful in our everyday lives. Simply, one sip at a time.

The Ritual of Chá consists of two prototypes: a mood sensing tea cup and the complementary Chá section in the Rituals app. The mood sensing tea cup measures brain activity through EEG technology. By simply wrapping both hands around the cup, the sensor is able to detect the mental state of being. When silencing the mind in this tea meditation, it’s therefore not only the soul that speaks. It’s the brain as well. Rituals believes that in order to take care of the mind, we need to understand it first. This is why the outcomes of the tea meditation are translated in the Rituals app. Knowing why we feel the way we do empowers us. It brings a new understanding of who we are.

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