Sensory Serenity is my vision on a new reality and has changed my perspective on innovation and reconsideration. I believe that ‘innovation’ stands for new, bold combinations and ‘reconsideration’ is all about daring to change perspectives. Sometimes to reconsider something, you need to face your fears. In fears there lie opportunities. Take this fear and make it the solution for another problem you encounter. That is how I think reconsideration and innovation merge together. Open my concept book and look into my prototypes to discover how I translated my perspective into a concept for Rituals in 2031.


Sensory Serenity

An accessible and sensory trip to the Middle East causes a moment of serenity in a diligent life.’ A trip that seeks the boundary between comfort and innovation. Rituals helps with the self-development of ‘The Conservative but Benevolent DIY Granny’.

By combining a target audience with (for them) a new technology, together with the comfort of the unique Rituals scents, Rituals is able to help recover their balance between a lived body and young soul.

A culture where the focus on ‘the now’ and inspiration of ‘the past’ is important. We will provide insights from the Eastern traditions, rituals, and cultures which help the target audience with their self-development by providing serenity and entertainment. This will be done by combining those Eastern rituals with a matching Middle-East environment, which we bring to your house via Augmented and Virtual reality. Digitalization can really be an enrichment of your life and does not have to feel uncomfortable.

Sensory Eastern Escape

The caps of the douche foams from Rituals are often seen as unhandy and useless. The douche foam packaging will get a new function with Sensory Eastern Escape. This is done by combining the two favorite Rituals products from the target audience.

‘The combination of Augmented and Virtual Reality together with the unique Rituals scents provide you with a 4D Eastern experience in your home’. The new scent experience on the cap will transform a 3D experience into a 4D experience. This is because the new cap can be used as a scent diffuser in your house. Together with an Eastern AR/VR environment connected to this new cap, a long desire of the target audience will be satisfied. Rituals offers an inspirational trip for ‘The Conservative, but Benevolent DIY Granny’. Scan the QR code on the cap. An Eastern environment, matching the Rituals product, will appear on your phone. Be part of those Eastern rituals. Walk around in your house, click on information points and discover! Share your experience to inspire and help each other out in their spiritual journey.

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