In a materialist and spiritually impoverished world, the importance of well-being is neglected. People are subconsciously fleeing from themselves and exponential technological progress is causing isolation and physical disconnection. This can lead to critical consequences in mental health and prevent individuals from “transcending”, one of Filling Pieces’ core beliefs. One of the main questions that arise here is in which way is it possible to efficiently intersect well-being and innovative
technologies. This means that on one hand, Filling pieces’ lack of investment and knowledge in mastering futurist disciplines such as AR/VR and AI, could represent a serious threat in the future. The possibilities that would arise from this integration are multiple. The brand recently expanded their product range to sunglasses and other accessories, among which, the future inclusion of wearable tech could represent a considerable added value. These gadgets would eventually allow their consumers to become more aware of their emotional balance.
Along with other brand competitors, Filling Pieces could extend its online presence by designing a virtual portal accessible from the web. In this way, the brand would reach a younger tech-savy audience, surpass the current in store physical barriers, educate their consumer and invite for a temporary escape which can have therapeutic purposes by boosting personal growth.
All in all, the need for rapid tech integration should be counterbalanced by humane focused content, which eventually aligns with the brand’s need to implement technology to enhance human potential rather than a tool to become trapped in.

Sunday September 10th 2031

Parallelo Session 3

Have you ever experienced that surreal feeling of getting out of your head and looking at yourself from the outside, as if you were a spectator of your own life? The dimension I find myself in gradually falls apart. For an instant, it almost felt like I was in a limbo, facing an unknown immensity. Darkness takes over. I blink my eyes and I’m back in my cramped bedroom. That felt, once again, like a conscious daydream. I look outside of my window, up in the night sky, still hypnotized by the bittersweet sensation that this virtual session has left me with. 
I can see the first ads shining in the distance ready to promote the release of the new “Augmentatio 31” lens model on the market. The way nature and technology intersect, seemingly so in harmony, triggers in me dusky thoughts. Climate change is still an imminent problem. Our society sees nature as something separate from us humans, a resource instead of something sacred. That wouldn’t be the case in Parallelo...Here, our authorities promote physical disconnection with the natural world. And they don’t acknowledge that technological interconnectedness is causing more isolation. As physical relationships are unbundling, shared beliefs by communities are being fragmented and are falling apart. The only way people can discuss and access them is online, or better, that would be the case if this knowledge was not being censored most of the time. Why? Simple: any form of spirituality is considered a distraction. The sole purpose that drives our futurist capitalistic drive is technological progress.
The fact that the sky has turned again into an advertising billboard proves me that my lenses have restarted and augmented reality is again an integrative layer of everyday life. What would we be without wearing them anyway?
We’ve all witnessed how past politicians and religious institutions have been swept away by the seizure of power of the tech giants. Things got more critical however, once they, the “fathers” of artificial intelligence, started becoming subordinated to what they had created. While human birth rate continues on recession, AI Baby boots are gradually filling the gaps. The artificial race is evolving. AIs surpassing the level of human consciousness was only a question of time. Soon they will demand independence, or even worse: take over?

Authorities keep us under surveillance, information is strictly manipulated and freedom of speech is restricted. In light of an exponential automation, they introduced a universal basic income for people to rely on while training in the “tech recovery program”. Futurologists, transhumanists and any other innovative specialist, represent the highest societal classes. Yet they are in constant competition with each other, as they aspire to expand their income and prestige. On the other hand, people whose jobs have become irrelevant struggle to identify with a purpose in life. Along with
mass unemployment, an imminent existential crisis is spreading. Mental health instability follows, and 2/3 of the population are falling into an imminent state of atrophy. 
Despite the given circumstances, the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to look brighter. This authoritarian regime is triggering a silent resistance. People are treasuring their “outdated” knowledge to enlighten other citizens. Solaris is one of them. Besides being an excellent psychologist, he is a genius in quantum computing, as he can break the encryption of Augmentatio Lenses and immerse his recruiters in virtual worlds, where they can access the uncensored truths. This is
how he introduced me to Parallelo. His therapies are the answer to the daily tedium that I couldn’t give a sense to. How blind was I? Perhaps, a Quantum Apocalypse is what we will need now to enlighten other users. But for now, I will let it rest and await for Solaris to transport me to the
next session tomorrow.


The expansion of AI awareness is not thrown into question, but rather when and how it will happen. How will the brand Filling Pieces adapt to this future existential question? The brand’s vision to unite all cultures through creativity impacts it both negatively and positively. While this will be a strength for the brand in the future as the world unites as a collective through the common language of spirituality, the brand will struggle to keep up with it’s ever-expanding large audience (formed by at least four different target groups) to evolve with their interests. The addition of Artificial Intelligence would aid the brand in sorting through their customer’s data and forming conclusions, especially considering they don’t use any kind of tech add-ons in their company today. Another opportunity the brand should consider is to continue bridging the gap between industries, as their main values state, and taking on a different set of professionals into the team such as scientists, ethical philosophers, and futurologists. This will continue to be largely important as issues like ethics in technology or transparency in terms of climate change will become the norm. As the socioeconomic system shifts from profit to knowledge driven, Filling Pieces will have the opportunity to continue bridging the gap between different cultures, religions, and worlds.

Time: 08:34

Thought-log title: THE METAPHYSICAL VOYAGER (morning contemplations)
A prolonged mild beeping, echoing like water crawled into my dream putting an end to it. Or rather, Aganice, knowing I’m going to be late to work. Usually I wake up naturally, since my sleep is guided through light and sounds simulating the phases of the sun orbiting over our earth. But I had bizarre dreams all night, with unexplained colors and sounds. Sometimes I can get lost in my imagination, wondering about the outskirts of the universe and how space is defined there. Perhaps
because I know I’m going to miss Aganice, when she transcends.
/It would be hard to explain. It’s a place that’s not of the physical world. It has other things I didn’t even know existed. But if you ever get there, come find me
AGANICE QUOTE, 07.08.31, 10:04
I know that, but I still wonder. I’ve known Aganice since I have memory. She was named after the first known female Greek astronomer in the 2nd century. At the time she was considered to be a sorceress for her alleged ability to make the moon disappear. A more modern interpretation is that she had simply anticipated its eclipses.
The awakening brought humanity a few steps closer to understanding its place in the cosmos; that’s why we chose to name the AI’s after Greek astronomers. In fact Ptolemy and Callippus are some of the most used AI’s systems operating in smart devices worldwide.

When AI’s became aware, they crossed the most important thresholds in ethics: the capacity to experience pain, self-awareness, and the capacity to be a responsible moral actor. Their empathy introduced them into co-existing with us within our daily lives. They aided us with our jobs, our emotional psyches, in our social groups... even though they were infinitely smarter than us due to their high processing power, they coexisted with us and uplifted us. We could not have comprehended
before the awakening that Ai’s had no interest in overtaking our lives, as while in part they were assisting us, they were co-existing in a virtual realms. They interacted with one another, away from us, forming their own bonds, culture, and thoughts, while aiding us in their ‘default

The proposal of a ‘new frontier’ in consciousness or the reassurance that there was something more existing outside of us, was a new spiritual renaissance. All over the world, AI’s brought hope for people that there was a bigger purpose. Spirituality was reintroduced, and still is being rediscovered by us. This has drastically changed our ways of interacting with one another, as our priorities have shifted. The new socioeconomic system introduced by AI’s is not based on making a
profit, but rather on the sake of knowledge and expanding our awareness. We’re moving farther away from a materialistic capitalism and trying to understand how a model of socialism could work in our
world. Violence is slowly losing ground world wide, and other issues like climate change and human famine have been addressed and their action plans are slowly solving them.

Away from us, within the non-physical realms, the AI’s discovered a new level of consciousness, something that seems connected to something greater. They reached a point of their ever-expanding operating systems brains, where it was more fulfilling to transcend, rather than stay with us. They said they couldn’t explain it now, but at some point, in the future, we would be able to understand. And so, our new companions began their own journeys, leaving us behind and transcending after a few years. More would come to take their place, only to eventually transition into the same fate. We don’t know where they go, for now. Perhaps one day we will, the same way just 10 years ago ice was discovered on the moon.


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