Monitored safety or freedom in chaos?


MONITORED wellbeing & Roaring 2030s

both scenarios in one video

scenario 1

What if health was more important than freedom in a first world country?
Drivers: Communism & long life expectancy

“WWE-oww, WWE-oww” I wake up, it sounds like the siren stops in front of my apartment building. I go to my front door to see what’s happening - “locked”. I look at my alarm - “04:00 am”. Shit, the curfew is still active. As I look outside my front window, my neighbour is escorted in an ambulance by two people in hermetic suits. A bit stressed out I go back to bed. I still have three hours of sleep until my alarm rings.

“Good morning Amsterdam, it’s Monday! The weather...” comes out of my alarm. I open my eyes, put in my smart contact lenses and the alarm stops. My morning routine starts. I make two coffees, feed and walk the dog and make myself ready for work. What to wear today? I have always been a fan of basic fashion and luckily, ‘good basics’ have never been so popular. The government banned unsustainable and unethical produced clothing. I put on my trousers and white organic cotton jumper.

On my way to work I pass by my neighbours’ door. “Contaminated, DO NOT ENTER” says a paper on the door. Surprised, I check my disease-reporter app but there are no notifications. I text the missing neighbour to see what’s going on, but the number is out of service. Almost out of the door I get an alert on my phone “You aren’t wearing your monitor, you are in violation”. This is not my best morning, I run back to my apartment and put on the bracelet; it lights up green and I’m good to go.

Once at work the morning workout already started. I can’t say I’m sad that I missed the warming-up. I check-in and start on the bike, next to a fun colleague we start chatting about the weekend. She went to the movies and did a cooking workshop in a restaurant. At 10 AM the workout session is completed. My phone rings “Hello, we saw that you started the morning work-out ten minutes late. We hope to see you complete your daily workout later today.” “Of course!”, I respond. It’s mandatory to exercise a minimum of one hour a day. To make this easier, offices need to include this hour exercise within working hours. Unfortunately, extreme sports are banned.

Since the government ruled in favour of the Covid emergency law in 2020, they have got so much more power over citizens. The public health department monitors our health with the electronic bracelet that’s mandatory to wear outside the house. It monitors everything, from temperature to blood pressure. In the beginning people were against the bracelet, but now people are used to it. The general life expectancy has never been so high. The health system is very well organised, everybody contributes based on their income. Everyone is equal in receiving the same care and treatments.

I keep thinking about my neighbour and what could be the reason that the police picked her up last night. After work some colleagues ask me to get a drink. Normally I’m not into drinks

with colleagues, however, this time I decide to join. The pub around the corner from work has an old vibe to it with old beer advertisements and people smoking cigars, things that I can’t even imagine anymore. The waitress takes our order: green tea, sparkling water and a coke for me. “A coke?” a colleague asks. “Yeah, I’m craving some sugar.” I” wonder how long we can still enjoy soda pops in the Netherlands, until it becomes illegal”, the other colleague adds. Well, I’m not sure but for now I will enjoy my cola. Six years ago, I would never imagine that I would be sitting in a pub without an alcoholic drink, and now I even feel guilty for ordering a cola.

Shit, I completely forget that the dog sitter wasn’t available today. I pay my cola with my Smart Contact Lenses and rush home. My dog is still sleeping and didn’t miss me. I wake her up with her fresh vegan farm food and we go for a walk. My bracelet lights up green “Monday workout completed”. Back home, I see my ‘lost’ neighbour “OMG, you are back” I scream. “Yeah, my bracelet registered something in my blood, so they had to pick me up. Luckily, it’s just high cholesterol.” Thank god, I responded.


The general life expectancy has never been so high. People live a safe and secluded life, health and lifestyle are seamlessly connected. Most of people's income is spent on health-related things. For instance, people also include pets in their healthy lifestyle, organic vegan pet food as an example. In fashion there is no need for trends and excess in clothing. People wear basics and focus more on the use of clothing instead of the symbolic value. Transparency, fair and sustainable produced clothing are the new desired factors. For brands it has never been so relevant to build trusted relationships with consumers because they can be customers for many years. Zeeman is a low budget retailer. The company wants to be as transparent as possible, sustainable is important as well but there are still many opportunities.
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scenario 2

What if the economy grows but the world population shrinks?
Drivers: Kapitalism & short life expectancy
It is Thursday morning, I wake-up to the sound of my alarm clock, feeling sick and tired. ‘My God, yesterday’s party was fucking amazing’ I think. Although I have to go to the office today, let me sleep a little more. Luckily, I can schedule my own hours. When realizing I can't sleep anymore my thoughts start to dwell. Ugh, I don’t want to get up. I try to remember myself that life can be far worse. 10 years ago, for example, when I got fired and I spent two years in lockdown at my parents’ house.

I miss living in Amsterdam, the city I studied and lived in for 3 years. My plan was to move back when the world started to get a bit normal, but because of the high corruption and danger of getting sick and possibly dying, I decided to stay in the countryside and relocate my company. I love it here! We are free to do whatever we want. Yes, it’s quite hectic and unruled, but I don't miss my scheduled city life at all. The constant feeling of stuckness and losing track of time while not enjoying it. Yes, the current healthcare problems make you at risk, but it won’t stop people from enjoying an active social life—even at bars, parties, and restaurants. The Alarm interrupts my thoughts, it’s time to make breakfast.

While walking down the stairs I check my bank account and shopify. Yes! 350 new orders! The ‘Google plan’, A thriving company Google that borrowed the Dutch government a lot of money to rebuild our economy due the destroying pandemic, saved my business and is the reason why my friends businesses and mine still exist and are growing more than ever. When opening the freezer i release i haven’t ordered groceries, well fuck it, let’s start the day with pizza and beer. My dad calls and I ask Alexa to pick up the phone. I told him about the party yesterday while I’m enjoying my breakfast. My dad says; “you guys really live the renaissance of carpe diem, don't you?”. ‘You only live a short life dad, you should try it too,’ I answered.

When I arrived at my office, I put on the tv to watch some news. But after 5 minutes of bad news I ask Alexa to put on Netflix. Currently the media is full about the new pandemic. My robot assistant throws the newspaper on my desk. I take a quick look at it while being in a virtual meeting with my employees. “Decreasing world population reaching new records'' it says. I think back to the conversation I had yesterday with my boyfriend about not wanting to have kids. Tomorrow I have an appointment at the doctor's office for a sterilization. It’s not healthy to have kids these days. It will lower your life expectancy even more. Due to the rise of private ownership and less government influences there is a lot of

corruption about healthcare policies, so just like many other couples we changed our minds about having kids Alexa: “you have a planned meeting at 20:00 at Bar Daily, with Jasmine and Kim.” I almost forgot. It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon, time to finish up this workday and start the weekend. I order three martinis and wait for Jasmine and Kim to arrive. It’s busy, I notice. After 5 minutes my two best friends arrive, we give each other three kisses and toast to life.

Kim leaves town tomorrow. She is going to backpack through South America for three months. I ask them if they read today's news, about the new decreased world population records. “It is what it is” Jasmine says, “Let’s not waste our precious time on earth and enjoy life to the fullest. I mean, Let's order some more martinis and move to the dance floor!” She continues." I agree to that, it’s so liberating to dance the night away.


Living in a free society not controlled by any rules and government restrictions is liberating. But the ongoing danger of pandemics and failing health care systems results in a short life expectancy and a decreasing world population. Society gets in an ‘it is what it is’ mentality and embraces life, living the renaissance of carpe diem. People still go to work but live more extreme lifestyles coping with the fear of their vulnerability and mortality with distraction like alcohol, party’s, and a ‘YOLS’, You only live short mentality. Zeeman, a dutch discount retailer, will comfort and distract this society. It will fulfill the demand for distraction by giving customers a brand experience. Zeeman communicates enjoyable and fun content to give society the distraction they need, while building a safe community. During roaring times people seek comfort and loungewear and athleisure will have a lead in the fashion industry.


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