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The Creative Collective

Our world will look a lot different in 2031, as a brand it is important to be aware of these possible changes. You will need to embrace these changes to stay relevant in the future.
This world is about individualism and low technology, we are going back to craft and buying local.
Technology is not developing as fast as we used to in 2021, we are investing again in tangible memories with the people who are important to us. Individualism is coming back in the form of us putting the Netherlands first. We started to travel less and revalue Holland. World trade has decreased and we are thrown back on local raw materials which makes the Netherlands and other countries more self-sufficient. We are becoming much more frugal with our land, so that climate targets can be achieved more quickly.
Creativity plays a bigger role in this scenario, people start their own creative projects. DIY experiences its peak and more creative workshops and studios open up. This creates togetherness within an individualistic global economy where every country is for itself.


The concept for Amsterdam Fashion Week:
The Creative Collective

Dutch knowledge as an export product.
In The Creative Collective we give a contemporary twist to Dutch knowledge by combining old crafts with our new crafts. We approach this in the broadest sense of the word; not only traditional crafts but also innovative/current crafts that we see in the Netherlands.
The Netherlands is bursting with creative people, it only lacks a service or environment where they can inspire each other, gain insights and new knowledge.
We offer a place to share these technologies, developments and knowledge with each other. In this way we serve as a source of inspiration for the new generation. The Creative Collective of the Netherlands.


For The Creative Collective we developed an application that gives you constant access to the latest developments in the field of fashion, culture, art and design. The application contains interviews, insights, articles, videos of processes and tips and tricks on how to get started. There is also the possibility to upload your own work to inspire others. There is also a chat function to get in touch with other creatives but also with companies, artists and designers. The earnings model behind this app is the entry model; it is free for everyone but with a small monthly fee you get unlimited access to the application.

In order to draw attention to this application, "Connecters" will be placed at important fashion locations. This is a physical sculpture that shares information and knowledge of this location. These sculptures will be delivered as an empty, transparent and sealed tube. The designer can fill in the "tube" as desired, this can be with objects inside, a poster, texture etc.  Each Connecter has a QR code, when scanned a product or object of the artist appears in AR.


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