How important is a community feeling to you? Did the current challenge in 2021 influence how you think about a collective society? 

Every man for himself is no longer the spirit of the times in 2031. The target group "the caretakers" therefore has a great need for physical connections with people.

Filling Pieces responds to this! Connecting like minded people to create a more tightly community. A community where we invest in gaining and sharing knowledge and enjoying each other's time. Strangers become friends and friends become family.

Bright up your world.

We believe in a world full of opportunities and where no one is left out. Design is seen as a language to create positive change. We combined these factors and offer a service for the target group “the caretakers”. Our products are your ticket to the “Filling Pieces Universe”.

The Filling Pieces Universe is an environment which feels comfortable, where you are accepted and curious for knowledge. This environment connects like minded people together. It is a place where strangers become friends and friends become family. You will start conversations, share and gain knowledge and simply have a good time.

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The Filling Pieces Universe is executed in two forms: Filling Pieces Universe app and an offline event.
The app is linked to the three collections of Filling Pieces. The Signature line (classic and timeless), Innovation line (outspoken items) and the responsible line (environmentally responsible). Every collection line says something about you as an individual. These collections currently consist only of footwear, but could in the future be extended to apparel as well.
Each product within these collections are provided with a QR-code. This will be printed on the shoe-tongue or underneath the clothing label.
Filling Pieces Universe app
The QR-code will be activated by scanning with the online application. When activating the code, you receive personal invites to upcoming events based on your purchase. This online application is also provided with everything you need to know about our brand. You can enter the portal where we share knowledge by the panels, talks, etc. we host and post on the online application. Event
Every event is dedicated to one of the three collections.
Imagine that you are invited to an event dedicated to the Innovation line. What you can expect are different talks based on innovation. A workshop that has something to do with new materials and making your own shoe for example. But this is also an opportunity for the brand to get feedback on their products. Real conversations between customers and the brand. This in combination with music, which is also the core of our brand identity.


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