Meet the team – 2034 SEM2

Meet the students that share their vision on the future role of brands in a changing society.

Alex Driessen

Alexander Lorenz Jährling

Generative, to me, means unleashing creativity to innovate and create something new. It's about exploring, experimenting, and pushing boundaries. Whether it's through technology or personal projects, I thrive on the process of acquiring new knowledge and growing with it. Generative thinking fuels my creativity and drives me to continuously learn and adapt, ultimately shaping the world around me with fresh ideas and solutions.

Annabelle Rai

My personal interpretation of "generative" goes beyond pure creation and encompasses a process of exploration and innovation. It is about taking the freedom to experiment, develop and iterate ideas without adhering to conventional constraints. It is not just about producing results, but also about finding and cultivating new ways of expression and understanding.

Caro van Wanrooy

Esther Lihl

Fem Cuperus

Jasmine Al-Asawdeh

Johan Moes

Why don't we better the world? A question that floats in my head rentfree. Results? Trying to find creative ways to make people aware of themselves, the people and the world around them. For me, it all starts with words and concepts. Try to evoke thoughts with the words I'm carefully putting together.

Johanna Schwartz

Johannes Ziefle

For me, creative genesis is a journey into the imagination where ideas come to life. I am driven by a passion for invention and discovery. My essence thrives in this realm of creation and transformation. The pursuit of knowledge shapes my being and allows me to make my mark on the world with innovation and insight.

Madleen Morath

Just moved to Amsterdam and already loving the vibe. It's the moment when inspiration strikes and ideas begin to flow, fueled by the unique energy and culture of Amsterdam. 'Creative genesis' simply means the starting point of my creativity. It's like the spark that ignites my imagination and sets the whole creative process in motion.

Malizia Beekman

Whether it was ideas, concepts, solutions, art, or another kind of innovation, I want to use my imagination to have a meaningful and positive impact on the world and add value. To me, the process of growth and new possibilities, as well as my desire and enthusiasm for the topics we were studying, drove me to create something new.

Maria Nogueroles

My name is Maria Nogueroles, I am an international student from Spain coursing my third year FASHION BRANDING degree at AMFI. I am a young creative, expressing my creativity through visuals as well as digital experiences. I invite you to take a look into the projects I have been working on in this specialisation.

Marisa Baars

I tend to work from my heart. Without passion, I can’t really start a project. So, whenever I get the opportunity to work on something I genuinely like, I start fantasizing about every way I can tell my story. My vision always includes something silly, but my core is that I speak honestly about the things that are important to me.

Mariselle Pieters

We are shaped by everything around us, and it exactly this that interests me. What drives us? What influences us? And can we write our own story? As a branding student, I aspire to create with impact.

Romy Kamst

Samar Chrifou

Sterre van Steen

Veronika Elze

Always be open to new things and face challenges positively. We should adopt this attitude in as many areas of our lives as possible in order to be open-minded and never let little things throw us off the track.


Brands & Innovation offers a uniquely fresh perspective since young minds do all the work: we are a Bachelor level educational program initiated by Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, run by 3rd and 4th-year AMFI students.

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