Our Scenarios envision what impact these changes will have on our futures.

In a world where identity and ownership is important to society, we have two realities where one embraces technology and uses this to strengthen their identity online, while the other one uses analogu

In one world, life is peaceful in a traditional village, while in the other, a bustling city brims with advanced technology. Explore the differences between these worlds and discover the challenges an

"In a world of 'YOLO,' individualism thrives, driving actions without regard for sustainability. Contrastingly, in 'We are one,' collective activism prevails, prioritizing sustainability over individ

In a world on the brink of environmental collapse and societal division, we face a critical turning point . With the crisis at its peak, we're left with one last chance to act. It's a moment of urgenc

In 2034, technology connects us, raising awareness of environmental issues. Communities come together via digital platforms, and tech businesses provide environmentally responsible solutions. Togethe

The year 2034 is a crossroads full of opportunities and challenges; this is where the paths of our future are being shaped. We are going to explore the interaction between technological advances, econ

Welcome to our exploration of the years ahead, where we chart a course through potential worlds of 2034. We stand at a crossroads, where the pulsing advancement of technology meets the timeless cravin