Our Insight report explores changes happening in society that we think will be of great impact.

In recent years, the home office has evolved from a luxury to a necessity, reshaping the landscape of work in profound ways. This transformation, accelerated by global events, has not only redefined w

How is it possible that a city which stood as one of the pioneers of progressiveness and free-spiritedness in the 80s, is now facing the threat of transforming into a colorless metropolis?

Welcome to the new social media world, where reality meets illusion. Let's explore together how virtual influencers shape our digital culture and ponder the future of authenticity in the digital age.

We are broadening our perspectives and therefore searching for new innovations that can help us progress further and faster, embracing a piece of Eastern wisdom into our Western lives.

The need for human touch is an natural and deeply rooted desire within our biology and psychology. It is a language of its own, empathy, comfort, and affection in ways that words alone cannot. However

Let’s look into our future: a future where conventional beauty ideals no longer exist and where beauty knows no boundaries.

Biohacking (or DIY-biology) as an ultimate form of self care. In the strive for health and youth, it’s easy to get tangled up in misleading promises.

In an evolving world of gender expression, the concept of non-binary identity emerges as a catalyst for inclusivity and personal freedom.

This report underscores the growing role of plants in our lives and the potential of a plant-powered world, emphasizing its contribution to a greener and more sustainable future.

The Netherlands, our beautiful “frog country,” sits several meters below sea level. How do we humans, respond to changing environment, driven by the rise in sea levels?

In a world constantly penetrated by noise, neurodivergent individuals are seeking ways to harmonize their daily life. The answer could lie in a technology that has been known primarily for gaming an

Connection: A word with different meaning based on the context. Does it still have the same value as it used to?

What makes us human? How are we formed? Are we even formed as a human? Are we born the person we are? Or, are we not born, but rather become, this person.

In the fast-paced landscape of the digital era, where advancements in technology shape our daily lives, there emerges a curious phenomenon among my generation—a shift towards nostalgia and a longing

Physical media is a term that’s been less heard of due to the immense growth of cloud storages and online streaming services. Nowadays, we tend to prioritize convenience over quality.

Climate change caused by humans is drastically affecting the world. When it comes to climate change, a large group of individuals experience fear and uncertainty about the future. As a result, people

The nostalgia of Generation Z for the past is an interesting reality in today’s cultural context. This feeling combines a desire for the former times with an acceptance of the challenges presented b

Solarpunk is the optimistic movement opposing the doom thinking that is now prevalent in the mainstream. Solarpunks move past what is wrong and build towards what is right.