Meet the team

Meet the students that share their vision on the future role of brands in a changing society.

Andrea Osorio Remy

Generative is the essence of creative existence, it’s about transforming abstract thoughts into tangible creations. Creatives envision the eternal interplay of inspiration and innovation, a dance one strives to participate in. In this dance, one discovers not only what is possible but also the boundless depths of human potential.

Bo Soepboer

Generative making, born from tactile sensations. Mind and hands coming together, creating endless narration. Shaping stories into different type of hues. For both maker and viewer, should it be a breathtaking muse.

Britt Glorie

Generative means to me making the impossible possible. It's about letting your creativity run wild, having no boundaries, and daring to dream. It's a combination of your own creativity with a touch of technology to expand your creative horizons and explore new unexpected paths.

Evelien Kruisselbrink

I’ve always been someone who is inspired by the people around me. I believe if we all stay positive, and stay together in bad times, the world would stay a nice place to live. If we could all just ‘take things with a grain of salt’. That’s a Dutch saying, it means that we should not take things so heavy on our chests. But what if nature would lean on all of our chests?

Femke Hollart

Generative unlocks a realm of boundless potential and creativity. It is a concept that transcends and encourages the limits and challenges of the creative mind at the same time. It is a philosophy that reminds me to actively participate in the story of your own life. Everything we do, every step we take, creates the world we ourselves are a part of.

Isis Hendriksen

Generative is not just interesting for me; it’s like an adventure where I explore the connection between human creativity and technology. It’s like I'm on a journey with no end, discovering endless ways to create things. For me it’s all about exploring the infinite world of creations and discover the harmony between human imagination and digital precision.

Justin Osei

Generative is not just a word. It's a discussion that can branch into as many topics as it likes to without giving the same answer. Generative is a form of creation.

Kiki Frederiks

To me, generative means a future of inclusive branding. A tool that opens up conversation, making them accessible to everyone. Looking ahead, I believe a generative approach will make new connections with mutual understanding.

Kiki Raaphorst

Generative, for me, embodies a world with limitless possibilities and groundbreaking innovations. In a world unraveling before our eyes creativity blossoms, exploring uncharted territories and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Generative thinking becomes our compass, guiding us through the chaos, lighting the way towards innovation and renewal. In these moments we discover the essence of our humanity – the ability to create, adapt, and thrive in a world beset by challenges.

Lotus de Wijs

The world we inhabit is a dynamic and ever-changing place, where the only constant is change itself. From the dawn of time, our planet has been in a perpetual state of transformation, evolving in ways both subtle and dramatic. Whether it's the shifting tides of culture, the relentless march of technological advancement, or the natural forces that shape our landscapes, change is the heartbeat of our existence. This is why, in my humble opinion, it is so important to know, feel and understand the changes around ourselves.

Margarita Mihailova

An empathetic person who constantly requires to be surrounded by nature in order to stay creative. Generative has a variety of meanings, but interpret it as unique, evolving and “never the same”. I love to explore meaning of generative within the bounds of nature, human and society. A something that is always within us, but never on the surface.

Novi Lahay

Generative, for me, is being able to create something, being able to express creativity and go all out. Nothing is too crazy. It’s limitless creating and mixing working with hands and technology. In essence, "generative" embodies the power to create without constraints, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and opening doors to infinite creative horizons.

Pleun Schenkels

Generative, for me, means constantly evolving. It allows creativity to be free, enabling out-of-the-box thinking. New ideas emerge, and by daring to look further, authenticity can be created.

Selena Mual

Generative to me is to create. To make something out of nothing. Generative ideas, thoughts sketches you name it, it all stems out of just a thought. You are free to create your own world and your own vision. Something that is interesting to explore. What is something that makes you generate? Use your intuitive power to explore the generative.

Valentina Dotto

In a world where we are losing the sense of self, Generative is the hope that we will be able to reconnect with our instincts and intuition. By listening to our body and closing our eyes to focus on what our mind is telling us rather than what the world is screaming at us.

Valerie Huizen

When my interests were worked by Algae, I found out that the raw material manifests itself as a versatile resource for product and fashion designers. The advantageous unities of Algae offer many benefits to encourage a more sustainable life and has the potential to be a savior of the environment. As I reflected to myself after this research, it is really quite disturbing to think that what we don't dress in or what we bring into our homes to make it "cozy" is so incredibly polluting and actually world destroying. What we can do is look for alternative materials in a disciplined way.


Brands & Innovation offers a uniquely fresh perspective since young minds do all the work: we are a Bachelor level educational program initiated by Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, run by 3rd and 4th-year AMFI students.

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