Our Insight report explores changes happening in society that we think will be of great impact.

Let’s look into our future: a future where conventional beauty ideals no longer exist and where beauty knows no boundaries.

In an evolving world of gender expression, the concept of non-binary identity emerges as a catalyst for inclusivity and personal freedom.

In an evolving world of gender expression, the concept of non-binary identity emerges as a catalyst for inclusivity and personal freedom. This shift challenges traditional gender norms, paving the way

The Netherlands, our beautiful “frog country,” sits several meters below sea level. How do we humans, respond to changing environment, driven by the rise in sea levels?

Connection: A word with different meaning based on the context. Does it still have the same value as it used to?

In the fast-paced landscape of the digital era, where advancements in technology shape our daily lives, there emerges a curious phenomenon among my generation—a shift towards nostalgia and a longing

In our ever-changing world, healthcare is facing several challenges. More and more people are getting older, and the wealth gap gets bigger. We must consider the impact these changes will have on our

In an era dominated by smartphones and digital devices, our constant connectivity has come at a price. Research highlights the adverse effects of excessive screen time on our well-being, from sleep di

Physical media is a term that’s been less heard of due to the immense growth of cloud storages and online streaming services. Nowadays, we tend to prioritize convenience over quality.

Climate change caused by humans is drastically affecting the world. When it comes to climate change, a large group of individuals experience fear and uncertainty about the future. As a result, people

The nostalgia of Generation Z for the past is an interesting reality in today’s cultural context. This feeling combines a desire for the former times with an acceptance of the challenges presented b

In the ever-evolving narrative of our times, the fusion of digital and human connections has taken center stage. As we navigate this dynamic landscape, we're witnessing a profound evolution in the way

Podcast is a form of media that most use almost every day of their lives, some use it for enjoyment and others use it to deal with their suffering. But they all have one thing in common, they are all

Understanding what environment boosts creativity and relaxation is an important tool for young creatives that struggle to find a moment of peace in the overwhelming world we live in.

This report delves into the reason for believing in nothing, and how this leads into Generative Living.

While in urban setting, people are constantly lacking the nature around them. Stress society and increase of pollution makes individuals look out for various solutions. However, is it possible for res

We encounter tactile sensations every day, often without truly acknowledging their significance. From the satisfying weight of a well-bound book in our hands to the warmth of a comforting embrace, tac

Augmented Humanity: A profound odyssey where the intertwining of technology and humanity unveils the essence of our transformative quest.

Fantasy has captivated human imagination for centuries, offering an escape into magical worlds. Revealing its impact on emotions, creativity, and personal growth. Discover the hidden power of fantasy.

In a world filled with noise and pretense, authenticity stands as a beacon of truth and purpose. It is the commitment to being genuine in a society often filled with ego. Authenticity is the currency

In the midst of our fast-paced and digitalized world, there exists an overlooked yearning for a connection with the natural world. Dive in and explore the green thread.