Our Scenarios envision what impact these changes will have on our futures.

In the unpredictable theater of tomorrow, our only certainty is the vast field of possibilities. This challenges us to explore the dynamics between chaos and control.

In 2034, technology connects us, raising awareness of environmental issues. Communities come together via digital platforms, and tech businesses provide environmentally responsible solutions. Togethe

The scenarios ‘Metaverse 33’ & ‘Give Me More’ give a small glimpse into the future of a hyper digital world regarding increase/decrease of waste, effecting the environmental pollution.

What if toxic tech bros controlled the world? Or What if the #metoo mentality fuels the next generation of She E O’S?

Our daily lives are unconsciously being monitored by cameras with the potential to be controlled by them. In the age of increasing surveillance our futures can be based on the data collected.

In a world where sustainability is a given rather than a demand, we are constantly facing new challenges.

Productivity is an important value in our fast-paced society. Individual intuition stands against a collectively presented rhythm. Do we feed a system or our own pleasures?

Information access and political stability are two different, yet extremely influential topics with a high uncertainty and big impact on what society will look like in the future.

In society there is a palpable tension between optimism and pessimism, pretty and ugly and worthy and worthless. These oppositions divide the society in boxes, that causes inherent inequality.