Our Insight report explores changes happening in society that we think will be of great impact.

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent. AI is the future of convenience. But we must be wary that this technology works for the wider population.

Colors can be perceived in different ways, but none of them are wrong. Senses work together because they are connected. How do we deal with the opportunities that are out there?

Young adults tend to run to their online media to avoid their real lives, but what they often forget is that their online life's can trigger a development for more mental issues.

One propaganda and thousands of unsolved stories. An interview with different perspectives; to be lost, to be found and be lost again.

A smart city driven by the positive effects of artificial intelligence is where the danger of a data breach appears.

The American Psycho dominates within our society. But since the patriarchal system is crumbling, his unchallenged entitlement feels endangered and he begins to lash out. But why?

A community where they can be anything what they want to be, where they are the norm. They call this: The Ballroomscene.

The grey, rainy, metropolis that is Manchester is experiencing its second industrial revolution. But is this really a good thing?

How is pretty privilege integrated into working society in the Western world? Are we aware of having advantages when you fit into the Western beauty ideal?

To many, "crazy fangirls" are overly obsessive and blindly devoted to a one-sided relationship. Though, outside of this judgement, so-called “stans” wear the title as a badge of honour.

It’s human to tell a lie, we all do it, right? But why do we feel the need to do so?

Unfortunately, the world is not existing without disagreements or war. People are being forced to leave their country. How would you feel if you found yourself in this situation?

Our constantly updating feeds and the speed of events distort our sense of time. Why do we perceive an accelerated pace of life? And did we loose our sense for the here and now?

Poverty is something that has existed since we can remember and will always be there. It affects many people around the world on a daily basis.

The future of sleep might lay in the power of Lucid dreaming. This nighttime phenomenon is a learned skill with the possibility to influence and control the dream narrative. Welcome to a new World.

Gender and cotton, two things that have been together for ages.

While growing up, reality starts to take over our lives. Yet, is it not better to enter fantasy worlds and imagine the impossible?

Do the amount of cameras around us influence our behavior? And when would we say there are too many?

Scents, everyone has associations with them. The smell of the city, the smell of your home, the smell of the people around you: scents are everywhere. What is the future of scent?