Our Innovation proposals propose how certain brands can act to shape, anticipate or adapt to these futures.

In a world where connections and technology will play a greater role, a technologically adaptable garment will bring people and nature closer together to create awareness and convey an important mess

What will happen to the jewellery industry when they are rapidly losing all their resources as a consequence of a constant need for new innovative tech gadgets that control people’s daily lives?

The Beasties Belly Bind allows for a second pair of hands holding you in to support, to give you the freedom to move however you want to, as a mother and so much more.

Otriomf by Otrium is an online platform, that acts as an exchange system and a smart closet. "Shopping by trading, let your products tell their story and make new memories."

Treasure Blocks, a smart chair made of e-waste and fishnets. Imagine that with this product you can save marine life and get a good dosis of affirmation. Cool huh?!

With ‘heel your mood’, we aim to provide a solution that not only improves the overall well-being of our customers but also aligns with their values and preferences in 2033.

Always on the go and always ready for the next hustle. But what if you need guidance? FE GO is giving you the emotional support in a multidisciplinair bag. The new concept for New Optimist in 2033.